Our Favorite Matches From The Manila Masters

June 2, 2017

Relive some of the most hype moments from the tournament!

Team Secret vs Team NP Game 1

The main event opened alongside other firsts: YapzOr’s first LAN tournament under Team Secret’s banner; the manifold variations of the old Cloud 9 roster debuting under Team NP; and most importantly, the first LAN meeting of EternaLEnVy and Puppey. Before setting a date at Manila, the last time we saw those two players on the same stage was during The International 6, before EE-sama, you know, left Team Secret. You all already know that story.

It was pretty much Dota 2’s Thrilla in Manila; a matchup between old friends turned bitter rivals. We have to say, there was always a possibility that both teams would meet but that it happened on the first main event day, for an elimination match, was fortuitous to all the esports narrative writers out there. It’s also the matchup that all fans have been clamoring for for months, without ever really expecting they would get it. We have OG and Newbee to thank for sending both EE and Puppey to the lower brackets.

To top it off, it was a classic Cloud 9 series as well. It became more evident in the 53rd minute mark of the game as Team Secret was seen climbing out of their huge deficit. Team NP officially pulled off a classic Cloud 9—nay, Clown 9 moment, as they failed to siege their enemies’ highground, ultimately throwing their lead and win away.

Those who witnessed the game surely experienced a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Regardless of which fanbase you belong to, if you love Dota then this game surely made you stand on your feet, clap your hands, and cheer (yet another EE effect, to be honest). This is solid proof of how the clash between the geniuses of Puppey and EternaLEnVy can, on top of the drama, still be a blessing to the Dota 2 scene.


Team Faceless vs Team OG Game 3

After making history as the first team to win four Major titles, Team OG came to Manila as one of the favorites. That is until history itself turned against them. A Southeast Asian powerhouse continued to be the #DreamGreen squad’s nightmare—Team Faceless eliminated Team OG in a do-or-die best-of-three match.

It makes it even more ironic that Team Faceless is infamously known for their subpar LAN performances. In the final game of the series, Team Faceless was able to lift their tournament curse by using the illusion –spamming hero OG is most infamous for: Naga Siren.

The game was an absolute bloodbath; not a minute passed without a hero going down—the 54-minute game concluded with an 81 total kill score. However, while the game looked like a closely contested one, Team Faceless actually had it in the bag since iceiceice’s Bristleback laned against N0tail’s Faceless Void. Team OG failed to contain his snorting porcupine, who dealt 51k damage against their heroes.

The whole Dota 2 community was in an uproar the whole game. The hyped Manila crowd only needed the edge of their seats as they witnessed the tournament’s greatest upset unfold before their eyes. The online viewers too could only handle so much juicy comeuppance with OG calling good game against an illusion carry line up. It was indeed a good game and at the very least a low-key reminder that even the best fall down sometimes, sometimes to the tune of their favorite Siren songs.


Evil Geniuses vs Newbee Game 4

Last on our list is also the last game of the entire tournament, though to be honest the entirety of the grand finals series is worth re-watching from start to finish. It was in the fourth game however that it became very clear that Evil Geniuses was still a few steps ahead of Newbee.

Early game went in favor of Newbee somewhat, showing that the Chinese powerhouse wanted very much to stay in the competition. They got a small early game lead through successful ganks and the usual Ursa early Roshan.

Then at 12 minutes, it seems Evil Geniuses decided they had better things to do than go to a game 5. A full-team fight broke out in mid and EG full out styled on Newbee. No one is saying Newbee isn’t a weak team, but Zai as Kunkka soloing an OD and Tidehunter at the shrine and surviving (and taunting!) at literally 1 hp pretty much sums up how EG dismantled Newbee in the teamfight.

From then on EG really hit their stride and, to put it a bit bluntly, ran circles around the Chinese team. Poor Faith on Disruptor couldn’t get a proper Glimpse off thanks to Zai’s X Marks The Spot – and of course SumaiL uses Sleight of Fist to dodge it as well, as if that were a normal mortal thing to do. Moogy on Ursa as well was kited to death in every teamfight, becoming no more dangerous than a monster truck at 5kph. And of course there’s Cr1t- with the damsel-in-distress CM bait, an untilted Arteezy on this patch’s unkillable Bristleback, and UNiVeRsE who was probably just quietly rolling his eyes and winning the entire game off his pristine Dark Seer play while the rest of his team racked up highlight plays.

To be fair to Newbee, they really put up one hell of a fight but we just don’t see how they were ever going to come back from the demoralizing taunting Zai at 1 hp in the first place. It was a game well won and a championship deserved.