Evil Geniuses Captain Cr1t- Is Ready For Manila

May 15, 2017

Andreas Nielsen has become the superteam's pillar of strength

(Banner image credits: GosuGamersMineski.net, Evil Geniuses)

It's been over half a year already since Andreas Franck "Cr1t-" Nielsen took over the captainship of team Evil Geniuses from ppd, and his leadership has cemented EG's place among the world's best teams. This is no surprise considering that Andreas himself has two Majors (Franfurt, Manila) and an ESL One (Frankfurt) title under his belt with OG, and EG already has the best talent in the world in Arteezy, Suma1L, UNiVeRsE, zai, and coach Fear.

It can't be easy, however, carrying the burden of EG's legacy as TI5 champions and the host of other premier tournaments the org has won over its history in Dota 2. Back when he took over from the legendary Peter Dager, he was under a lot of scrutiny to deliver.

"When I started out as EG's captain, I was more uncertain and I lacked a lot of consistency in drafting specifically. Now I feel like I have improved on a lot, I'm a bit more confident in myself and my thoughts and directions in the game. I try to make everyone feel comfortable with the heroes they are playing. I take a lot of suggestions and the most important factor of my leadership style is that I try to filter which suggestions are actually good enough to run in our drafts."

Sure enough, while EG is still hungry for bigger titles, Andreas has led the team to victories and notable finishes. Evil Geniuses still consistently strikes fear into the hearts of their opponents in any bracket, and their legion of fans will #BleedBlue to the end.

(From Feb. 28)

At the heart of this is Andreas settling into his role as captain and the rest of the roster staying for long enough to create one of the most impactful and consistent teams in Dota 2. Though Andreas and the boys seem to be relaxed around each other, they are serious about every game they play and they are their own first critics. Andreas says that this is one of the things that makes EG so solid as a team.

"We have a good relationship between all of us, but we aren't laid back when it comes to the game. I think we are probably one of the more professional teams out there. As all of us are good friends and we have a good relationship with each other as a team, we're not as worried about making mistakes since we know we won't hold grudges against each other.

It's nice that there's no bullcrap and for me, personally at least, it helps with the stress. I wouldn't say I get as affected by stress as the other guys though, and I consider that one of my strengths."

In less than two weeks Andreas and EG will be back in Manila. He's most looking out for teams OG and NP in the coming Masters, but more than that he's excited to be returning.

"I'm most looking forward to meeting the fans that were so crazy during our last visit to Manila, and I also feel like even though this isn't a Major, there's still a title for me to defend in Manila. (Andreas also won the MVP award at the Manila Major last year)."