OG At The Top Of The World

May 14, 2017

The four-time Major champs are back in Manila

Photo credit to VALVE

What more needs to be said about team OG? After their recent victory at the Kiev Major, the organization now holds four out of the five Dota 2 Major titles (Frankfurt, Manila, Boston, Kiev). That’s an undeniable accomplishment, even without a The International trophy.

Captain Fly and ace n0tail have been present at each of those wins as well, proving that there really is something in their leadership that consistently brings their team victory. Such consistency is rare in esports where rosters regularly change thrice a year and team power rankings are so volatile.

It's safe to say Miracle- made a difference but wasn't the only key to the team's successes. Even star players Cr1t- and MoonMeander have moved on to headline other teams, and OG's domination in the Majors and other premier events hasn't wavered.

Perhaps the magic formula really does revolve around staples n0tail and Fly who, coincidentally, are the only remaining members from OG’s last trip to Manila.

N0tail's ability to consistently accumulate farm into even disadvantaged lategames has saved the team from certain doom numerous times, most notably in the recent Kiev Major Grand Finals where OG turned the tables on Virtus.pro in Game 1 and the crucial Game 5. This without even topping the GPM charts, a distinction which goes to the usual suspects (EE, SumaiL, MidOne, Resolut1on, raging-_-potato, Raven, etc.). Consider, however, that n0tail is not as much of an explosive secret weapon as the other mentioned cores are.


Photo credit to Patrick Strack of ESL

Beside him through these past years is Fly, tank-like in person yet a capable support in-game. As a support, he guards his cores like a muscular big brother, even when he’s using frail heroes. But his true power may not be in-game at all: behind-the-scenes videos show Fly as charismatic and comfortable in the captain role. This is a blind assumption but whatever discipline he gained from martial arts is probably applied to how he handles his team as well. At the highest levels of Dota 2 after all, teamwork and rigor will often quietly eclipse the impact of individual skill.

And they’re best friends. With teams too often disbanding because of a lack of faith in their synergy as a team, it makes perfect sense that at the center of the current best team in the world is a pair of friends and the faith they have in each other’s skills. This isn’t sentimentality: the proof is in the trophies.

Tal and Johan are the reliable one-two punch that keeps the team performing at a top level regardless of tournament, roster, and meta.

All that's left are OG "ana is a good player" ana, JerAx Earth Spirit God, the son of Magnus himself s4. They're post-TI6 additions to the team that have yet to disappoint and are each in their own right superstars of their positions. Of course there's also coach 7ckngMad and manager Evany Chang to provide out-of-game support. If Fly and n0tail make up the spine of the team, the rest of OG are the meat that fill the skeleton in to make a truly formidable beast of a team.

That said, the narrative for the Masters is clear: OG is the team to beat.

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