Luminous Excited To See Clutch Gamers In The Manila Masters

May 17, 2017

He's not so excited about the balut though

David “Luminous” Zhang has been casting Dota 2 for almost as long as there has been a Dota 2 competitive scene. Recently many of you may have heard him on BeyondTheSummit’s stream, or various other Dota 2 broadcasts. Lumi also regularly creates commentary content for his Youtube page LuminousInverse.

For the first time ever, however, he’ll be bringing his talent to the big stage in Manila alongside the other veteran panelists of the event. Not that this is his first visit to the Philippines though:

“From when I got to experience the Manila Major and ESL One Manila, I definitely miss the crowd the most. It feels like it's louder there; it means more to the people. When hype plays are seen you can hear it from across the building because they're so loud. That's definitely the most memorable thing for me. Outside of Dota stuff, the Filipino food is amazing.”

Except, Lumi doesn’t want to be asked to eat balut (boiled bird embryo), the usual test of courage presented to hapless visitors to the country.



On a more Dota-related note, Lumi did share with us some thoughts on how the 7.06 patch will affec the upcoming Manila Masters, which will be the first premier LAN to use the game-changing new patch.

“One of the major things is that shrine isn't available until minute 5. You used to be able to trade a little bit, got the shrine, then go back into lane -- you can't do that anymore. I think teams that can solve that issue in the offlane will be much more successful than teams that haven't tackled that problem yet. I think the offlane is going to be a big part of how the meta is going to shift, moving forward.”

That said, Lumi already has a dark horse bet for the event:

“Without a doubt, it's going to be Clutch Gamers. And I'm not just saying this because I'm going to be in front of a Filipino crowd. I really think they're actually pretty good. I mean, they've recently qualified for four top LANs, beating out the best SEA teams (and I've casted three of these events).

I've seen their evolution in both individual plays as well as draft and I feel like they have a lot of strengths going up against other international teams. I think they adapt very quickly in-game and their teamfight is some of the best coming from the SEA region. Sometimes it seems they're behind on net worth but then they walk into a teamfight - and I have no idea how they do it - and they just win. I think they would get far in this tournament.”

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