The Manila Masters Was Watched By Millions

June 27, 2017

MET's first premier LAN was a success thanks to the passionate fanbase

In this Dota 2 season leading up to the upcoming The International 2017, the Manila Masters has stood out as one of the largest premier events short of a Valve Major.

Over the course of a 4-month marketing campaign until the event itself and the online buzz that followed it, the Manila Masters garnered a total of 550 million reach on Facebook and 200 million reach on Twitter.

In particular, as part of the event's promotional efforts, the creative advertisement entitled "A Dota 2 Love Story" drew 256,000 organic views on Facebook, driving a chunk of the event's marketing.

During the event itself, the tournament was streamed in 10 different languages in addition to the official English, Filipino, and Chinese streams, for a staggering total of 40 million views.

The incredible reach of the tournament puts it on the same level of spectacle as the ESL One tournaments and the Valve Majors, and secures the Manila Masters' spot among Dota 2's flagship tournaments. As the tagline promises, it truly is a Legacy in the Making.

"The Philippines has loved Dota since the beginning of the game, and it is both empowering and humbling to have been given the chance to see the Manila Masters to fruition," Marlon Marcelo, Mineski Events Team Head said.

"We are proud of the results of the event, and thankful to everyone who has been part of this incredible undertaking. We never expected to have viewers and reach to put us so close to the Majors, and we are excited to continue organizing events of scale, and to keep doing them better every year."

As for us from the Manila Masters team, we would also like to thank all of our readers and viewers from the event for helping bring top-notch Dota and exciting events to more and more fans. These numbers are your numbers as well. See you all next year!