The Show Begins Tomorrow

May 25, 2017

A shaky start can still lead to a good game

Without beating around the bush, we from the Mineski-Events Team will be the first to admit that our first day of streaming was far from perfect. It was marred by several technical hiccups that compounded upon each other. Players, talents, and even you, our viewers, were asked to tolerate a delayed start and numerous delays during the course of the stream. We apologize and thank you for your patience.

No game of Dota starts off perfectly, but that doesn't mean that a frustrating early game always leads to defeat. Sometimes, it is even the games that are at first chaotic that become most memorable when they end in glory. You can expect this of the Masters.

Tomorrow, the show proper begins and the doors of the MoA Arena will open to the thousands of passionate Dota 2 fans and online audiences from around the world that have been looking forward to this event for months. Expect the Filipino fans to show up in full force and prove to you why exactly Manila was chosen to be the host of the Masters tournament.

The games today have set the tournament's narratives: we know the teams to beat and the underdogs to root for now. We open with Team NP and Team Secret, a match the community has been clamoring for for months. Next is an elimination match between SEA’s champions in this event, Clutch Gamers and Team Faceless. At the end of the day we will know one of our grand finalists. The hype is only just beginning.

And from our end, we've more than learned from the stumbles of our first day and tomorrow we'll be hitting the ground running. We're doing everything within our power to give you guys the time of your lives.

So until tomorrow, good luck and have fun to all of us who love Dota. Whether you’ll be watching online with the world or sitting here in the MoA Arena with us, see you at the first-ever Manila Masters.