Newbee Has Something To Prove

May 18, 2017

Can they once again become the most feared Chinese team?

Banner credit: Newbee

Newbee is a team that probably best fills the niche of the superteam in Chinese Dota, but like the other Dota 2 superteams that have come (and remained) the team has had its fair share of deep slumps.

In fact, the team was originally coneptualized as a dream team of sorts with top talent from the best Chinese orgs under the leadership of Xiao8. Their team's debut was explosive, immediately giving China a TI champ. But that was all in 2014.

More recently, after losing their veteran renewal lineup for TI6 with ex-champions Hao, ChuaN, and Mu, everyone has doubted whether Newbee can bring itself back to its old strength. 2015 was a tough slump for the organization, and fans of the team are already hungry for a premier title -- the players, more so.

So with Newbee's direct invite to the Manila Masters, the question was raised: why them, especially when the other powerhouse Chinese teams seem to be stepping up their game immensely?  The answer is a matter of trajectory.

Newbee has qualified to or attended most of the major to premier tournaments available since their post-Hau-ChuaN-Mu roster change, even dropping out of Dota Pit because of a conflict of schedule. They've placed second in the Mars Dota 2 League, China Top 2016, and ESL One Genting, as well as placing 3rd in the Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017.


(Image credit: Newbee)

While currently all eyes are on Invictus Gaming and what seems to be BurNIng's long-awaited comeback, Newbee has been quietly racking up top finishes in other LANs and online tournaments. They are consistent, improving, and quietly on their way up, ready to snatch the victory from teams who let down their guard like they did in The International 2014.

If the other teams rule out Newbee, it'll be as big a mistake as letting Sccc get the first kill in mid, which he often invariably does get. With other flavors of the month being pegged to be tournament favorites, don't be surprised if the hungriest team is the one that wins instead.

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