Manila Masters 20 Cities Pinoy Tour all set to open this weekend!

March 28, 2017

Our partnership with Mineski Infinity will take the search for the PH Representatives to the next level!



Six of the Manila Masters’ participating teams have all been confirmed, leaving us with only two slots left to be filled: one for the to-be-crowned Southeast Asian representatives, and the final spot for Manila’s would-be hometown heroes

Over a thousand Filipino teams have taken to the battlefield the past two weekends for the online open qualifiers, but the search for the Philippine Champions is only just beginning.

We at the Masters team have partnered up with the Philippines’ leading cybercafé chain Mineski Infinity to bring about the Pinoy Tour, a program that looks to make sure that the very best Filipino team represents the local crowd in our inaugural Masters event.

Mineski Infinity PH Marketing head Impress Lariego, had the following to say about this new partnership:

It’s only a few weeks more before The Manila Masters and we are thrilled to witness a historic eSports event in the Philippines. As soon as the organizers have announced that there will be a special slot for a Philippine team in the main event, we immediately grabbed the opportunity to host the PH nationwide qualifier.

Mineski Infinity perfectly invokes The Manila Masters Pinoy Tour campaign “Dito nagsisimula ang lahat” since most professional players today, Bimbo, DJ, Tims, and Kuku, just to name a few, started as amateurs who want to gain experience by joining local tournaments. We, from Mineski Infinity, have always been a training platform for aspiring gamers.

This event is very timely especially today that SEA teams are now showing some growth in Dota 2. We have always believed that Filipino gamers have the skills to compete against the world's best and we just needed a proper venue to hone their talents and to expose their full potential.

Being an official partner of The Manila Masters Pinoy Tour, we are very excited to bring the tournament to 20 cities nationwide so expect a lot of hardcore action in this month-long event. Here's your chance to meet and greet your favorite Mineski talents as they will cast some of the games on-site. We have also prepared mini games in which you can win awesome prizes.

See you there!

The Pinoy Tour will bring the chance to play at the Manila Masters to 20 different cities all over the Philippines, starting this weekend, April 1-2, as  the tour goes to Manila, Cagayan De Oro, Pampanga, Iloilo, Bacolod,  Baguio, Cavite, Batangas, and Iloilo.



Filipino fans and Dota enthusiasts looking test their skill and compete for a shot at playing in the biggest Dota event to hit the Philippines this year can discover more about the Pinoy Tour here.

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