The Philippine Qualifier Approaches An Epic Conclusion

May 4, 2017

Will TNC claim the slot, or will a new PH champion rise?

Banner credit: TNC Pro Team

The Philippine Qualifier has scoured the entire country for over a month, beginning with four sets of online qualifiers that began on March 18, followed by the Pinoy Tour which drew out the best teams from each of twenty cities around the country. Over 3000 teams (15,000 players at least!) were brave enough to set foot on the Road to Masters, but now we are down to the final eight teams.

Everyone is saying this is TNC’s tournament to claim, but to put all bets on them is to discount how the whole region has become stronger right alongside them.

Clutch Gamers, the Malaysia-based all-Filipino squad only started making waves this year but their rise to the top has been explosive as well, landing them in a slot for The Summit 7. Execration as well, despite losing their star players in Abed and DJ, are still captained by Kim0 who has been in the PH pro dota scene for almost as long as there has been one. Lastly, there is the legendary HappyFeet squad, back from WC3: Dota days with a hand-picked roster of the country’s best players.

Add to that Young Minds, Pacific Blue, RRnatics and Brodie who have survived the intense gauntlet of the Pinoy Tour. They may not be as well-known as the previously-mentioned teams but they have shown comparable mettle. This could be the beginning of the legacy of one of these teams.


The main playoffs for the Philippine Qualifier will begin at 18:00 SGT on May 5, Friday.

The aspiring champion will have to represent one of the most Dota-loving audiences in the world in the country's first-ever homegrown premier LAN. The honor is as great as the responsibility. Who will come out on top to be the defenders of Manila?

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