Faceless, Mineski, Fnatic among teams invited to SEA Qualifiers

March 31, 2017

Can anyone stop iceiceice and his crew from plowing their way to another LAN?

As the main event draws ever so closer, it is our pleasure to announce the teams invited to the Southeast Asian Qualifier playoffs!

Invited to Ro8 Invited to Ro12
Faceless Rex Regum Qeon
WarriorsGaming.Unity WarriorsGaming.Youth
Mineski Fnatic
Geek Fam Evos


Seeded into the second round of the main qualifier, Faceless are once more favored to conquer SEA on their way to yet another LAN, especially with their emergent regional rival TNC Pro Team seeded in the separate Pinoy Tour.

Presenting as perhaps their deadliest foes are Geek Fam, WarriorsGaming.Unity, and the recently re-oriented Mineski-Dota squad, which after serving as the bastion of Pinoy Dota’s hopes for years, is now a full-blown SEA team.

Perhaps the other most interesting team competing in the qualifier is none other than Fnatic, whose roster will surely wow you once they make it public. Rounding off the invites are WarriorsGaming.Youth, as well as Indonesia’s Rex Regum Qeon and Evos.

The SEA Qualifier playoffs will feature a 12-team double-elimination format, with the eight invited teams to be joined by four victos from the open qualifiers.

More details for the open qualifier signups, as well as the broadcast schedule for the playoffs, will be unveiled in the next few days, so make sure to stay updated by following @themastersgg on Facebook and Twitter.