Manila Masters Day 3: The First-Ever Champions

May 28, 2017

Evil Geniuses have won the Manila Masters!

It's been one heck of a weekend but the Manila Masters has concluded and we have crowned its first-ever champions: Evil Geniuses!

Their first opponents of the day before the grand finals were the tenacious Team NP. Credit has to be given to EE’s squad: their presence at this tournament seems entirely well-deserved considering the quality of games that they showed us. Recent months have had Team NP slowly losing momentum since their debut, but now with the roster in its best form, they’re proving that they have what it takes to be the NA powerhouse people always said they would be. Most of all, it just feels good watching EE and co take games down to the absolute wire. Though they would lose 1-2 to Evil Geniuses, they kept their opponents and the crowd at the edge of their seats.

For the last two teams Newbee and Evil Geniuses, the Manila Masters Grand Finals seems to bepar for the course for them—you practically can’t talk about a championship without them.  However, while they remain to be constant championship contenders, Evil Geniuses and Newbee both needed this fresh win to solidify their place among the best in the world.

Their road to glory was far from easy. Evil Geniuses, backed with a surge of momentum, opened the best-of-five series by crushing the most successful team in the tournament right out of the gates. Even after Newbee’s comeback in the second game, Syed Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan continued to be phenomenal, carrying his team with highlight reels upon highlight reels. Not to be overlooked are the masterful moves of the rest of EG as well -- each of them an MVP in their own right.

Finally, after four games of world-class Dota, the jam-packed Manila crowd bled blue as the North American powerhouse forced the good game call out of their Chinese counterparts. Evil Geniuses are the inaugural champions of the Manila Masters!



Manila Knows How To Do Esports

At the end of this, pulling off the Manila Masters has been quite the experience for everyone involved, be it the passionate Filipino crowd getting their first homegrown international LAN, the teams and talents that gave us such a good show, or even us in the Mineski-Events Team, who hope we have delivered the event that we promised.

On Manila, it's clear that the Filipino audience is an esports crowd unlike any other. The cheers were as loud (or louder) as they've ever been proclaimed to be. The memes were top-notch. Eri Neeman at the helm made for an entertaining and unforgettable stage show, but it still wouldn't have been possible without the Filipino fans just being so game to play along and have a little fun.

That is perhaps the most important thing we take from this tournament. Yes, we want to promote the highest caliber of professional gaming possible, but never without forgetting the Dota 2 community's zany soul. It's been a pleasure, Manila..

From the Mineski-Events Team and those of us behind the Manila Masters, thank you, good game, well played.