Puppey’s TI-Ready Squad To Be Tested At The Manila Masters

May 20, 2017

YapzOr rounds out Team Secret's most famous all-star roster

Team Secret has always had the same approach to building a roster: attract the absolute best players and create a team of pure overwhelming talent. Some of the best players in the world have at some point belonged to the global superteam: s4, w33, Aui, half of the current EG (zai, UNiVeRsE, and of course Arteezy), and so many other players that typically headline their teams.

The current iteration is no different. First of course is the team's founder and iconic captain of Team Secret, Puppey. Then there is MP, MVP Phoenix's breakout star carry. MidOne, SEA's Chosen One, forms a potent one-two punch with MP. Rounding out the team's trio of aggressive cores is KheZu, hand-picked from Escape Gaming as a youngblood with limitless potential.


(Image credit: Valeria)

And now they have Yazied "YapzOr" Jaradat, who reunites with KheZu after playing together under the Escape Gaming banner last year. For many global fans, he wasn't necessarily a power pickup for Team Secret but the doubters have since been silenced. Already being called Yap-God, YapzOr has been instrumental in the team's most recent victories, helping Team Secret land a spot in EPICENTER. His Rubick has become a recognized phenomenon in-game, and YapzOr is gaining the reputation of a standout playmaker.

Somehow Team Secret makes having so many aggressive and greedy players work. Their playstyle is fast and relentless but not lacking in discipline -- perhaps the result of Southeast Asian Dota tempered under the command of one of Dota’s most vaunted captains? It might be too early to say for sure what this roster's flavor of Dota is because they haven't been on the field as a complete team for long, but one thing that's for certain is individually, each member can more than hold their own against their counterparts in other teams.

Could this be Team Secret's first LAN win of 2017?